1 /I'nVf/ adverb
1 to the necessary degree: Her sentence was light because the judge said she had suffered enough already. | Are the carrots cooked enough?
2 tall/kind/fast etc enough as tall, kind, fast etc as is necessary: I didn't bring a big enough bag. | Is your tea sweet enough?
(+ for): Is it warm enough for you? | mad/tall/silly etc enough to do sth: Is the water hot enough for a bath? | He said he would never see her again and I was gullible enough to believe him. | Would you be kind enough to let us know when you are arriving? | not good enough (=not satisfactory or acceptable): I'm going to go up to that school and tell them it's just not good enough.
3 difficult/happy/busy etc enough rather difficult, happy etc: I was happy enough in Bordeaux, but I missed my family. | It's bad enough doing this without you giving me orders all the time. | It was natural enough that she should be annoyed.
4 strangely/oddly/curiously enough although this is strange, odd etc: Funnily enough, I bumped into her only yesterday.
5 near enough BrE spoken nearly: Your jacket's near enough dry now. | This bottle's near enough finished. | That's £3000 near enough, isn't it?
—see also: fair enough fair 1 (17), sure enough sure 2 (2) 2 determiner, pronoun
1 as much or as many as may be necessary: Move over, I don't have enough room. | Not enough is known about what really happened. | Leave the potatoes if you've had enough.
(+ for): There aren't enough chairs for everyone. | enough to do/eat etc: Erica was worried that the children weren't getting enough to eat. | enough sth to do sth: There's enough material left to make matching pillows. | more than enough (=too much): No, thank you, I've had more than enough. | not nearly enough/nowhere near enough (=much less than enough): There was nowhere near enough wine to go round. | that's enough spoken (=stop behaving like that): Now, David, that's quite enough - be a good boy. | enough is enough spoken (=there is no need to say or do any more): I could lend him another $20 but, really, enough's enough. | time/food etc enough: There'll be time enough to get to know each other later on.
2 have had enough (of sth) spoken to be thoroughly tired or sick of something and want it to stop:: When I got in from work I just sat down and cried. I'd had enough. | I've just about had enough of your sass.
3 enough said spoken there is no need to say any more, I understand everything: “I saw her coming out of his room at 6 o'clock this morning.” “Enough said.”
—see adequate USAGE NOTE: ENOUGH GRAMMAR Enough comes after adjectives and adverbs: She's not old enough (NOT She's not enough old).| He didn't pack the bowls carefully enough and they broke. | Well I've done my best, and I hope it's good enough. Enough usually comes before a plural or uncountable noun: enough people/money. It is only used after the noun in slightly formal or old-fashioned English: There was money enough for all. However, time enough is still fairly common: There'll be time enough for that later.

Longman dictionary of contemporary English. 2004.

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